Our Work

The Trust owns most of the land and buildings on which Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farms operate and it supports their biodynamic farming activity. This underpins our charitable aims of furthering education and training in biodynamics for new farmers and growers, schoolchildren and the general public.

Our education and training activities include:

  • Visits by school children and college students to the farms (regular attendees include the local schools)
  • Apprenticeship and staff development programmes in all aspects of farm and garden work – Four apprentices are registered for a 2-year structured programme leading to a level 3 qualification.
  • Farm and garden walks led by volunteers and/or farm staff
  • Tablehurst Young Farmers works in collaboration with Tablehurst Farm running weekly clubs for children aged 0 – 16. Additionally, as they are incorporated as a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company called Raising Young Farmers, they offer a farm-based curriculum at Tablehurst which provides opportunities for children of all ages to care for the farm animals, grow vegetables, harvest, weed, stack wood, build structures, help with seasonal events and much more!

Securing more land for biodynamic farming and growing

We are interested in making more land available for biodynamic cultivation in our community and we are happy to work with others to achieve this aim.

An eye to the future

The Trust also has a commitment to wider educational and cultural objectives, which remain central to St Anthony’s aims. Indeed, the Trust would seek, in a very practical way in our community, to implement the ideal of the biodynamic farm as ‘a university of the future’, as envisaged by Dr Manfred Klett. To this end, St Anthony’s Trust has consistently supported local initiatives of a wider cultural nature.

Could you Support Our Work?

The trustees welcome input as to where the Trust can best serve the community in fulfilling our objectives. To do this effectively, we are dependent on legacies and donations. If you wish to invest or make a donation please contact us, or you can donate now.

If you want to know our donation acceptance policy please click here 

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